Game Based Learning

Game based learning is an inevitable tend as a training and/or education resource. In 2016, Digital NZ reported that 23 per cent of Kiwi adults have used video games at work for training purposes, and 38 per cent of parents say their children have used video games for school curriculum. The report also finds that 84 per cent of adults say playing games improves thinking skills, and 70 per cent agree video games increase mental stimulation. Here are some of the resources Alan has created through his Games Company - MindGameMedia:

Virtual Reality - Quad Bike Safety.

Virtual Reality allows people to experience realistic scenarios in a safe environment – and increases knowledge retention and behavioural change. Quad bikes are associated with the biggest causes of accidents in the agricultural sector. Safety begins even before the driver gets on the bike. Pre-safety checks and the correct PPE are essential. This VR immerses you in a ‘hands-on’ experience of what checks need to be made to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Forest Workers - Tree Faller safety.

This online and mobile app game can be used to test whether tree fellers are ready to be assessed for their Safetree Professional Tree Feller Certification. The certification confirms they have been independently assessed on the job as able to work safely and professionally. This means they are doing what a WorkSafe NZ inspector would expect to see, and know how to protect themselves and their crewmates.

Trade Skills - NZQA Assessments.

Trade Skills is an Online and Mobile App consisting of 4 games to assess 4 NZQA Unit Standards. Rather than sit a written exam, apprentices are able to play any of the games to achieve credits for a number of trade skills including fundamental Mathematical Calculations, Electrical Safety, Isolate and Test low voltage electrical circuits, and understand aspects of NZ Health and Safety Legislation. 

Health and Safety - Workplace SIM®

This is an innovative online ‘Game-Based-Learning’ Health and Safety training resource for employees and/or contractors. Workplace SIM uses 3D game-based simulations that we can customise for any industry or workplace environment. It makes the learning process easier and more engaging – especially for those with low literacy or English as a second language. It minimises requirements for on-site training saving time, money, and personnel resources. Visit the site HERE.

Bernie and his Buddies

This game is under development. Bernie and his Buddies take us on a ‘Tiki Tour’ adventure of New Zealand, visiting some very cool townships with some unique characteristics. They get involved in some awesome activities - from picking Kiwi fruit in Te Puke, visiting a chocolate factory in Mangawhai, playing with a Kiwi and Morepork in Whangarei, to watching the sunset over Cape Reinga. Along the way, they help people with tasks and activities, make more buddies, and have fun at every stop.


"Perfect Catch" is a FREE app. Download it from the App Store or Play Store now!. Sealord wanted to help people understand how they operate a sustainable fishing industry. This fun little game demonstrates how they target specific fish for the quota they have been granted and avoid bycatch. It also shows how they are mindful of other marine animals and their conservation.

Personal financial literacy

Bamzonia is an online Personal Financial Literacy programme aimed at students in school years 5 - 13.  It comprises Lessons, Quizzes and a 3D Sim City style game. Alan researched, wrote, and created all 35 lessons and quizzes which are aligned to the NZQA Unit Standards and the NZ National curriculum. Over 90 schools and 10,000 students have registered for Bamzonia - a unique game that teaches this immensely important life-skill in an interesting and engaging manner. FREE Registration HERE